Tuesday, April 21, 2015


It's not healthy to carry a grudge for decades.  There is no reason to carry around so much anger for such a long time.  It's far better to forgive than it is to hate.  Hate darkens the soul and shatters the community.  Hate is ultimately an expression of fear and fear is not a natural emotion.  I try to go for an entire day without complaining or hating anybody.  Though there are days when I fall short of the goal, I try hard to improve the way I view the world.  There is lots of good in the world and I like to believe that light of optimism overpowers the darkness of fear and hatred.  The reason why the world is so imperfect is that so many people expresses their fear by attacking things that scares them the most.  And sometimes there is a reason for such a thing and sometimes there isn't a reason for such a thing.  And when a person fails to tell the difference between rational fear and irrational fear, society breaks down and chaos erupts.  It's far better to live your life without fear and you will gradually find out how much more improved society has become.
And as I'm lost in thought close to the middle of the night, here are some photos of Katie Holmes.

 Nadia Comaneci and Katie Holmes

Nadia Comaneci

 Bart Conner and his wife Nadia Comaneci

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