Thursday, April 23, 2015


When driving on a mountain top road, there is always a chance of driving off the mountain top cliff to the rocky terrain below.  While going skydiving, there's always a chance the parachute won't work.  Would I drive a car off a mountain if the car was equipped with a parachute?  Perhaps not.  Skydiving is one thing, but skydiving inside a car is another.  I've heard that's it's possible to skydive while inside a car.  But if the parachute doesn't work or even worse, the parachute works, but can't hold up the skydiving car, then the injury is even worse.  It's safer for all four car tires to be gripping the road and not falling out of either an airplane or off a mountain.  I've seen parachutes work, yeah that's true.  But jumping out of an airplane or jumping off a mountain with use of a parachute still freaks me out way too much to give it a try.
And as I'm lost in thought in the darkness of the night armed only with a flashlight, here are some photos of Kate Mara.

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