Saturday, April 18, 2015


And there might come a time when your dwelling will have the scent of sweat and assorted other unnatural odor.  And whatever activity that drove you to produce such a scent for your dwelling could give the wrong impression about whatever your trying to accomplish.  And try as you might, you may have a rough time getting the outside community to give approval.  Don't bother to explain.  It's not worth it.  Open the window to air out the dwelling.  Find some fragrances to produce a much better aroma to your dwelling.  Lit some scented candles.  Plug in air fresheners.  Whatever works.  Don't keep the scented candles going while your going to sleep because you don't want to run the risk of setting your dwelling on fire.  Anyway, you got rid of the unnatural odor that floats across your dwelling and you can reside without that horrible stench.  Enjoy.  You have earned it.
And as I'm lost in thought with a pine fresh scent, here are some photos of Mila Kunis.

Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher

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