Wednesday, April 15, 2015


Someday, I'll be able to afford a cappuccino brewer, but sadly, that day won't be today.  Take your pick from the list of reasons.  I can't afford it right now would be the first reason.  I'm living in my Mom's house and that forces me to only make use of my Mom's kitchen is the other.  When I have my private apartment restored, then I'll purchase a cappuccino brewer, but not when I'm living in Mom's house and she's not into cappuccino brewing.  A third reason is not knowing how to use a cappuccino brewer, but that can easily be learned.  Still, there's always the chance to order a steaming mug of cappuccino at Starbuck's Cappuccino Café.  So there's always that possibility to keep in mind for another day later on down the road.
And as I'm lost in thought while drinking a steaming mug of coffee, here are some photos of Pauley Perrette.

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