Thursday, April 16, 2015


There was once an empty grassy field behind the house. This empty grassy field even had a tiny grass and foliage covered hill for children to play on. First the tiny grass and foliage covered hill was removed by bulldozers and dump trucks along with assorted other necessary construction equipment trucks that I learned in Elementary School, but forgot the names of while in Adulthood. And now road extensions for two roads that would intersect halfway through the grassy field appears to be under construction. Though concerns that eight wheeled trucks from The Three Warehouses alongside the empty grassy field might race down this new road extension and into a suburban neighborhood are still present. The new road extensions that appear to be constructed is slightly curved. Would this curved road extension be enough to discouraged eight wheeled trucks from the Three Warehouses Alongside the Grassy Field from using the possible road extension to transport goods to and from the Warehouses? I'm not sure the curved road is sharp enough, but the road extension is going to be built anyway. So let's pray that there won't be much eight wheeled truck use of the possible road extension. Whatever the case may be, the empty grassy field behind the house will soon have suburban houses built upon it. Construction work is slowly taking shape.
And as I'm lost in thought while the sight of construction work goes on behind me, here are some photos of Becki Newton.

 Matt Newton and his sister Becki Newton

 Becki Newton

 Chris+Diamantopoulos and Becki Newton

 Becki Newton

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