Wednesday, April 22, 2015


How wonderful it is to enjoy strawberries in the springtime.  Actually, it's possible to enjoy strawberries anytime of the year.  However, strawberries is especially wonderful in both the Springtime and the Summer---Especially the Summer.  There are so many ways to enjoy the strawberry that there is no need to be limited.  You could prepare the strawberries as part of a cake or a pastry.  You could add the strawberries to a fruit salad.  You could toss strawberries on cornflakes eaten dry without milk (I refuse to pour milk on my cornflakes.  I never understood the point for such a thing).  You could just eat the strawberries as is.  All I could say is that the world would be such a sad place to be in without the chance to enjoy strawberries as often as humanly possible. 
And as I'm lost in thought after enjoying strawberry shortcake for breakfast, here are some photos of Eden Riegel.

 Jeffrey Carlson and Eden Riegel

 Eden Riegel

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