Friday, April 17, 2015


Skylar Grey was born under the name Holly Brook Hafermann in Mazomanie, Wisconsin on February 23, 1986.  It was as an Elementary school child that Holly got her first recording deal when she formed a folk music duet with her mother called Generations.  Both Holly and her mother.  The mother and daughter folk music duet Generations broke up after three albums.  Later, as a fifteen year old girl, Holly would perform as a solo performer in clubs before landing her fourth album and her first as a solo performer.  Holly relocated from Mazomanie, Wisconsin to Los Angeles, California to record her demo in 2003 and release her debut solo album in 2005.  The folk music direction that she took with her first four albums (Three as part of a duet and one as a solo performer) wasn't working out for Holly.  So Holly Brook Hafermann changed her name to Skylar Grey.  Skylar Grey switched from folk music towards rap and soul music instead starting in 2010.  Her fifth album, her second as a solo performer and her first in the rap music/soul music genre was released in 2013.  Skylar Grey continues to record and perform to this exact moment of time.


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