Wednesday, April 29, 2015


At last!  It's done!  It's finished and concluded.  The way that it was previously done wasn't the right way to have it done.  Now it's been corrected.  Now the way it's done is the correct way to have it done.  All it took was the procedure to make it right again.  The procedure was a success the way they told us that it would be a success.  They were right all along.  They always were right about everything.  To say that they are wrong would be to suggest that you don't want anything to be successful.  And you want things to be successful.
 Don't look at me in that manner.  We were right all along.  We needed to go there.  The person who needs to be corrected in order for things to be made right again has arrived.  The package has been delivered.  It is good.  So let's celebrate the way in which everything became right again.  We deserve the chance to celebrate.  The next stage needs to be started.  They know the only way to begin the next stage is in this manner.  And it will be exciting when the next stage begins.  And now we can begin. 
And as I'm lost in thought about the payoffs of patient waiting, here are some photos of Kate Hudson.

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