Thursday, August 22, 2013


Well it's cloudy and there's no rain in sight.  I'm not expecting rain to fall.  However since rain helps remove the chance for a drought, then I'm willing to have to rain fall for a while.  At any rate, the weather is scorching hot with clouds blocking out the clear blue sky.  There is still a clear blue sky above the clouds, but there isn't a mountain in Columbus, Ohio tall enough to find it.  I never took the time to learn how to fly an airplane.  Flying an airplane kind of unnerves me because if I screw up a portion of the airplane flying, I can't pull over to recover myself.  With airplane flying, I kind of need to continue to flying regardless how distressed I feel about a possible mistake being made.  With that in mind, it's better to allow somebody else the chance to fly the airplane.
And as i'm lost in thought about airplanes, here are some photos of Anne Hathaway. 


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