Wednesday, August 7, 2013


Let's start in the year 2003---A good year to start.  There was a comedy film modeled after Neil Simon's play the Odd Couple entitled Anger Management in which a temper tantrum throwing businessman named Dave Buznik (played by Adam Sandler) gains a roommate named Dr. Buddy Rydall (played by Jack Nicholson) who was a temper tantrum throwing anger management psychiatrist.  There never was a sequel (Because Adam Sandler never does sequels to anything).  However, this film was turned into a television show which only used the name of the film, but none of it's characters, scenes or even the plot.  In the 2012 television show, Charlie Sheen is a divorced single father working as an anger management psychiatrist at a nearby prison named Dr. Charlie Goodson.  Up until this point, Selma Blair played his girlfriend Kate Wales while Shawnee Smith played his ex-wife Jennifer Goodson. 
Then Selma Blair started to feud with Charlie Sheen (Or so Charlie Sheen has been telling the tabloids and his bosses at Liongate (Either Selma Blair goes or Charlie Sheen goes so Selma was sent packing)).  I guess Charlie Sheen didn't believe that Selma Blair was winning enough.  Duh.  He needed a girl more comparable to a rock star from Mars with tigers blood.  After searching the globe for the perfect fictional girlfriend for Charlie Sheen to play around with, they finally found their chick.  So now country music singer Laura Bell Bundy is the new girlfriend for Dr. Charlie Goodson named Dr. Jordan Denby.  Laura Bell Bundy's new role as a series regular cast member of the television show Anger Management starts with the second season of the cable television network broadcasted television show.  What's that word that drug addicted actor (Is he still getting stoned every single day?) Charles Sheen loves to use when referring to women---Oh yes, Domestic Goddess.  Laura Bell Bundy gets to be Charles Sheen's newest Domestic Goddess in the second season of his sitcom series Anger Management.


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