Monday, August 12, 2013


Ashley Greene needed to run some errands and this was the most comfortable outfit the lady had available that didn't need washing in the washing machine.  Ashley Greene kept telling herslef that she'll get around to doing the laundry, but she doesn't need to do so now.  After all, the outfit that she's wearing fits great and is comfortable.  And after all, comfort is all that's important.  And hey, Ashley could end up starting a trend that could catch on and become the talk of the town.  Soon, all the women in her immediate area will start dressing like her---Or at least, that's what Ashley Greene kept telling herself as she stepped out of her car to hang out with her girlfriends on a scorching hot summer day which is much more comfortable with the outfit that she's got on.

Upon finding a change of clothing, Ashley Greene walked to the exercise gym to get herself a nice workout.  It's very important for Ashley Greene to be in perfect physical condition for anything.  I mean, Ashley Greene has always been in peak physical condition and she'll continue to be in peak physical condition.  I'm not saying that she'll stop being in peak physical condition anytime soon.  However, since Ashley Greene is in peak physical condition, she clearly wants to keep it that way.  So she exercises everyday (Or however many times her acting career makes trips to the gym for exercise possible).  And she always gives herself a great workout each and every time.  Ashley Greene always exercises with enthusiasm and gusto and it shows.

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