Tuesday, August 20, 2013


Do you feel cold?  Is it hard to feel bold.  Do you feel harsh.  You feel like you're stuck in a marsh.  Don't feel mad.  Don't feel sad.  It's better to feel happy, but you don't have to make it snappy.  If it takes a while to feel happy, you can always start by getting slappy.  But keep in mind that if you start feeling too slappy, everybody around you will start to feel crappy.  Then you won't be the only one feeling cold because you're not doing what you're told.  Anyway, that's my piece of mind, but you don't have to follow along in kind.
And as I'm lost in thought about brids flying through the air, here are some photos of Isla Fisher getting out of a car being being driven by Kirsten Dunst.

 And here we have Kirsten Dunst hanging around a nearby gas station

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