Wednesday, August 14, 2013


And so I've returned to Columbus, Ohio.  I'm once again living in the city which served as my official residence through out the entire 1990's decade (And eight and a fourth years beyond that too).  And for some weird reason, I keep being magnetically drawn to the city of Columbus, Ohio.  I first started living in the state of Ohio in 1990 and I never stopped living here in Ohio.  And I guess I'll continue to live in the state of Ohio until the day I die of old age somewhere close to the year 2068 (I was born in the year 1968 so it makes sence that I'll turn one hundred (100) years old in the year 2068).  I wasn't born in Ohio and I didn't live in Ohio for the 1970's (Encino, California and the Suburbs of Chicago, Illinois) nor the 1980's (the Suburbs of Chicago, Illinois and Columbia, Missouri).  However, Columbus, Ohio was my home for the entire 1990's.  And I guess Columbus, Ohio is where the story will continue to be told.
And as I'm lost in thought about people, places and things, here are some photos of Jennette McCurdy.


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