Tuesday, August 20, 2013


If you feel cold and grumpy, then what's the best way to feel happy and calm again.  Well, the best way is to figure out what makes you happy again.  And once figuring out what makes you happy again, then start doing the behavior that helps make you feel happy again.  Like for instance, Victoria Justice feels happy when she's throwing the opening pitch for the Tampa Bay Rays baseball game.  And so when Victoria Justice was invited to throw the opening pitch for the Tampa Bay Rays, Victoria Justice was over flowing with happiness.  And Victoria is no longer feeling sad and depressed because she's getting the chance to play baseball with the Tampa Bay Rays while dressed up in her very own personalized Tampa Bay Rays baseball team uniform. 

So tell me Gentle Reader, what makes you feel happy, seek it out and do it.  And then you won't feel so sad and grumpy anymore.  I bet the Gentle Reader never realized how easy it can be.

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