Thursday, August 15, 2013


Shay Mitchel and Troian Bellisario loves to go for walks in the forest together.  Yes, the car has a broken engine.  Yes, both women has broken cell phones.  Yes, both women are miles away from civilization.  Yes, there are reports of women vanishing without a trace in this particular portion of the forest.  Still, there are safety in numbers and that alone is enough for both Shay and Troian.
Ashley Benson was sharpening kitchen knives in the kitchen when the she saw Shay and Troian approach the cabin.  Ashley left both sharpened kitchen knives on the counter as she walked towards the front door to the cabin.  Ashley warmly greeted both arriving girls.  Upon reaching their cabin in the woods, Shay Mitchell tried to fix the car engine alone while Ashley Benson and Troian Bellisario rested on the couch as they girl talked for hours.
And the good news was that the car engine was eventually fixed.  So the three women ate a filling and relaxing lunch together in their cabin in the woods.

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