Monday, March 10, 2014


Ashlee Simpson was born in Waco, Texas on October 3, 1984.   Joseph Truett "Joe" Simpson found employment as a Christian clergy and psychologist before he married a homemaker named Tina Ann.  They were married in 1978 and they divorced in 2012.  Joe Simpson had two daughters from his marriage named Jessica Simpson and Ashlee Simpson.  Joe Simpson became the manager for the celebrity careers for both of his daughters.  Ashlee Simpson became famous second, though it wasn't overnight.  Both Jessica Simpson and Ashlee Simpson attended Prairie Creek Elementary and Richardson North Junior High.  It isn't known if either Jessica Simpson or Ashlee Simpson ever attended High School or if both women were home schooled instead.  The School of American Ballet only admitted Ashlee Simpson when she was only three years old.  Ashlee Simpson's first acting job was a thirty-nine episode cast member role as  Cecilia Smith on the television series 7th Heaven (A Christian literature television show about a Christian Clergyman and his family which ran for ten seasons).  Her five episode appearances in Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey's reality television series Newlyweds between 2003 to 2005 lead to a spin-off reality television series  the Ashlee Simpson Show which lasted two seasons between 2004 to 2005.
Her 2004 debut album was initially a blockbuster smash hit only to be soured when it turned out that none of the musical instruments were plugged in and she was  lip synching badly to her own music on the October 23, 2004 episode of Saturday Night Live.  Her musical guest appearance on the October 8, 2005 episode of Saturday Night Live was free of embarrassing incidents.  Ashlee returned to acting playing the role of  Clea in the film Undiscovered and playing Violet Foster for thirteen episode in the Melrose Place reboot.   Her second album was released in 2005 and her third album was released in 2008.  She married the lead singer of Fall Out Boy Pete Wentz on May 17, 2008 and divorced him on November 22, 2011.  She gave birth to her first and only child as a result of the three year long marriage.  Ashlee Simpson continues to record music and tour to support her music to this exact moment of time.




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