Thursday, March 20, 2014


Sara Evans was born in Boonville, Missouri on February 5, 1971.  Descending from a mixture of ancestory, Sara Evans' family quickly relocated to a farm in Franklinton, Missouri.  Belonging to a close knit family and the fist born of seven children, she sang in her family band at age five.  Multiple fractures from a car wreck at age eight didn't slow down her zeal for music.  Performing music in nightclubs paid the hospital bills when working minimum wage failed to provide a stable income.  A two year employment singing at a nightclub lasted two years when she was sixteen years old.  It isn't known if Sara Evans ever attended school of any sort.  She moved to Nashville, Tennessee to become a country music performer at age twenty in 1991.  It took six years for Sara Evans to land her first ever album release in 1997.  Sara released her second album a full year later in 1998.  However, it was her third album in 2000 and her fourth album in 2003 that made her a multi-billion selling superstar.  She released three more albums in 2005, 2011 and 2014.
Sara Evans married a politician named Craig Schelske on September 25, 1993 and they divorced fourteen years later on September 2007.  Three children were produced from that fourteen year long marriage.  Sara Evans continues to record and tour to this exact moment of time.


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