Thursday, March 20, 2014


One of the benefits to the Polar Vortex is that all the snow that was falling could make lots of snow people---Given the luxury of time.  That wasn't the case in Columbus, Ohio where mild Winters even affected the Polar Vortex where even the most ambitious snowstorms melted away quickly.  But for states hammered by the Polar Vortex offered great opportunities for building snow people.  Well, with the first day of Spring now on the calendar, there won't be enough snow left for much snow people building.  Of course, there is always the chance that the Polar Vortex won't give up so quickly.  In that case, there is still going to be enough snow left to build snow people.  It depends on how much snow is expected to fall in the days to come.
And as I'm lost in thought while reading the weather reports, here are some photos of Rita Ora.

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