Sunday, March 30, 2014


The Age of Adaline is a film that's currently being filmed and starring Blake Lively.  Essentially, a woman becomes immortal following an accident and is tempted to become mortal again upon falling in love in an authentic sort of way with an ordinary mortal.  And the question that comes to my head is what would I do if I were immortal.  What would my life be like if I could walk slowly from the prehistoric cavemen era to the year 2014 day by day and year by year?  Yeah, it would be fun.  However, to become close to mortals only to see them age and die while I continue to walk forward step by step never to see the afterlife myself.  It would be fun to see all these historical events unfold before me, but it's quite a lonely existence without other immortals to share it with.  Still, it must be fun for Blake Lively to pretend to be immortal for a few hours each day.  And yeah, I wouldn't mind pretending to be immortal for a few hours each day too.


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