Saturday, July 26, 2014


Saturday has returned.  The weekend has arrived with it's warm soothing graces to signal the arrival of another wonderful day.  The warm Summer breeze floats through the window.  The fan isn't needed because it isn't terribly hot outside---Not yet at any rate.  And looking out of the window affords me a view of the grassy green pasture.  The warm Summer breeze blowing against the individual blades of grass.  I could hear the sound of construction machines pushing the dirt around in the pursuit of building a corporate warehouse alongside the grassy green pasture behind the house and separated by a fence which has partially fallen down and never replaced.  Birds compete against the sound of construction equipment when singing their songs to one another.  Ah yes, it's Summer.  And I'm enjoying Summer for however long it lasts.
Vacation getaway of the day:  The canals of Bruges, Belgium.
And as I'm lost in thought on Monday morning, here are some photos of Sheryl Crow.

Michelle Branch

 Sheryl Crow

 Michelle Branch and Sheryl Crow

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