Saturday, July 5, 2014


Yeah, I do admit that the Fourth of July aka Independence Day was one heck of a party.  There were fireworks going off both on the television screen and above me in the sky.  Chairs placed on the front lawns.  Lots of people were drinking themselves beyond intoxication (I'm not among them though.  I stayed alcohol free).  Sparklers were set off.  No parades in the part of Columbus, Ohio that I was living in.  Still, it was one heck of a party. 
So now morning has arrived.  For those who drank too much, there are both hangovers and the need to clean up all the empty beer cans that was left on the floor, the front lawn and the driveway.  And for me, I still need to work minimum wage as my only source of income.  The fact that somebody threw one hell of a party to celebrate the Fourth of July aka Independence Day has changed nothing.  I'm still living in Columbus, Ohio and I still need to wash dishes at a restaurant kitchen when all the party streamers are put away for future use.  Life goes on beyond the party of the century.  Normalicy returns to the suburbs yet again---Until the next epic extravaganza party of the century turns up. 
And as I'm lost in thought a full day beyond the Fourth of July, here are some photos of Liv Tyler.



 Jennifer Aniston and Liv Tyler

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