Wednesday, July 16, 2014


I'm afraid that I misinformed the Gentle Reader.  I told the Gentle Reader that it's safer to walk behind a car than it is to walk in front of a car.  The truth is that a car can drive into and over you backwards as well as forward.  I told the Gentle Reader that it's safer to ride a bike or walk alongside traffic than it is to walk or ride against traffic.  The truth is that a car can strike you down even if you're walking or riding a bike in the same direction.  The only difference is that if a car strikes you while walking or riding against traffic, you'll be embedded into the windshield of a car and die.  If you ride alongside traffic and a car strikes you down, you'll go flying in midair a few feet before crashing into something---Hopefully soft and not taking the form of asphalt or concrete.  Wear a helmet when riding a bike.  Use headlight when riding a bike.  Use rear view deflectors when riding a bike.  It's better to wear bright florescent clothing when riding a bike.  Be safe.  Be careful.  Be well.  Ride your bike on the sidewalk instead of riding the bike on the street.  Cars can't strike a bike that's riding along on the sidewalk.
And as I'm lost in thought about walking on the sidewalk, here are some photos of Anna Kendrick.

 Brittany Snow and Anna Kendrick

Anna Kendrick

 Anna Kendrick and Olivia Wilde

Unknown Dude, Anna Kendrick, Director Joe Swanberg, Olivia Wilde, Jake Johnson and Ron Livingston
 Anna Kendrick

Joe Swanberg,  Olivia Wilde, Jake Johnson and Ron Livingston
 Joe Swanberg,  Olivia Wilde and Jake Johnson
 Olivia Wilde and Jake Johnson

  Joe Swanberg and Olivia Wilde
 Olivia Wilde

Brittany Snow

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