Wednesday, July 23, 2014


A guillotine was a popular way of executing a death row inmate in the Medieval Era.  Death Row Inmates wasn't able to appeal the death row sentence.  Death Row Inmates can't delay their sentence because of cruel or unusual punishment.  Death Row Inmates who are guilty as sin can't use lies and fake evidence to prevent their sentence from being carried out.  If the guillotine blade was dull and needs more than one whack for the skull to come rolling off, then tough luck.  You might as well learn to live with it.  It was quick, easy and effortless.  As long as the person who operates the guillotine can keep doing it over and over again without going bonkers in the process.  But anybody who can give lethal injection to a Death Row Inmate without throwing up in the process should be able to do away with a Death Row Inmate through the use of a guillotine.  Plus, a guillotine is the best way to make sure that a Death Row Inmate can't escape from prison. 
Keep in mind that a Death Row Inmate doesn't wake up one morning and decides to become a Death Row Inmate.  Rather, a Death Row Inmate wakes up hoping to have another wonderful day.  Then the encounters something that sends him/her over the edge to such a degree that committing a death row level crime is perceived to be the only solution.  And of course, it's always the wrong answer to have which is why Death Row Inmates during the Medieval Era were punished with the guillotine.
And as I'm lost in thought about guillotines, here are some photos of Karen Gillan.

 John Cho (Captain Hikaru Sulu #2 from Star Trek) and Karen Gillan (Amelia Amy Pond from Doctor Who)

 Karen Gillan

 Karen Gillan, television producer Emily Kapnek and actor John Cho

 Karen Gillan and Emily Kapnek
Karen Gillan 

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