Wednesday, July 30, 2014


Less than forty-eight hours away until August.  Less than forty-eight hours until the arrival of a brand new month.  Right now, it's only five months away from the year 2015.  That number will drop to only being four months away from the year 2015 less than forty-eight hours from now.  Time moves forward regardless of the state of preparation for the Gentle Reader and myself.  So the Gentle Reader and I moves forward with hopes that all the planning that has thus been done will be enough.  And if something falls short of the goal, then adjustments will be made.  And of course, there will be hopes will be minor and not nearly so draconian in nature.  But right now, it's less than forty-eight hours until August 2014.  And I pray to GOD that I'll be ready for August 2014 when the month finally arrives to greet us all.
And as I'm lost in thought after waking up in the morning, here are some photos of Hayley Atwell.

Director/Co-President Marvel Studios Louis D'Esposito and actress Hayley Atwell

Hayley Atwell 

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