Wednesday, July 9, 2014


there was the sound of chainsaws while I was checking my e-mail. My bedroom overlooks the backyard and there was several guys in yellow uniform shirts cutting down trees between the street and the sidewalk. Then the trees were shredded. These were perfectly good trees that were in amazing positive health. Ok, one of the trees had clumps of poison ivy growing around the lower half, but still in amazing positive health. There is a grassy pasture beyond the backyard. Even if more houses or even a school is built in the grassy pasture beyond the backyard, there would be no reason to cut down and shred perfectly healthy trees. The trees could've been great embellishment in either case. There's little that can be done to save the trees which were still rather young and never had the chance to enjoy old age. It's a shame to see perfectly good trees get chopped apart like that for no reason whatsoever.
And as I'm lost in thought about the loss of valuable trees, here are some photos of Katie Holmes.

Rita Sahat├žiu Ora, Katie Holmes, Trudie Styler (Wife of Gordon Sumner aka Sting (solo and from the rock band trio the Police)), Hugh Jackman and his wife Deborra-Lee Furness

Rita Ora, Katie Holmes, Trudie Styler and Hugh Jackman
Rita Ora, Katie Holmes and Trudy Styler
Katie Holmes and Trudy Styler
Rita Ora and Katie Holmes
Katie Holmes

Katie Holmes and Trudy Styler
 Trudy Styler

 Rita Ora, Katie Holmes, Trudy Styler and Hugh Jackman
 Katie Holmes, Trudy Styler, Hugh Jackman and Donna Karen
 Katie Holmes and Hugh Jackman

 Katie Holmes, Hugh Jackman and his wife Deborra-Lee Furness

 Katie Holmes and Rita Ora

 Katie Holmes with Trudy Styler in the background

Rita Ora

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