Thursday, July 10, 2014


Eliot Paulina Sumner aka Coco aka I Blame Coco was born in Pisa, Tuscany, Italy on July 30, 1990.  She's the daughter of rock star Gordon Sumner aka Sting (Solo and lead singer of the rock band trio the Police) and  actress/producer Trudie Styler.  Her brother Joe Sumner is lead singer of the rock band Fiction Plane.  Jake Sumner is a filmmaker.  Her sister Brigitte Michael "Mickey" Sumner is an actress.  Half Sister Fuschia Katherine "Kate" Sumner is also an actress.  Only her brother Giacomo Luke Sumner either refuses or is unable to have a career in the entertainment industry is focusing on school classes instead.  Eliot Sumner was only a fifteen year old girl when she started to write songs which were then performed live in concert.  She was seventeen years old when she got a recording contract.  However, life wasn't always easy for the child prodigy daughter of a rock and roll legend such as Gordon Sumner aka Sting.  Eliot Sumner's tape that she sent to the Island Records was a mixture of punk rock and reggae.  Island Records preferred a mixture of punk rock and pop dance music instead.  So all the songs on the debut album of seventeen year old Eliot Sumner was reworked to have less of a punk rock reggae feel and much more of a punk rock dance music feel.  Eliot Sumner's debut album was released in 2010.  Eliot Sumner continues to record music and tour to support her albums to this exact moment of time.

 Gordon Sumner aka Sting, his daughter Eliot Sumner aka Coco and his wife Trudie Styler

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