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When Maria Sharapova isn't playing tennis professionally, she plays a variation of tennis as relaxation.  She never figured out the name of the dude she was playing against.  She never took the time to make the effort.  All Maria knew was that she was winning the tennis game and that alone was all that mattered.  She gave tips on how to win the tennis game to help him along, but he was a slow winner and slow witted as well.

 And after Maria Sharapova won the variation of tennis game, she refused a rematch.  She was exhausted and she needed some rest.  So she walked to the nearby chair to relax and get a really nice suntan.  Maria enjoyed the time she spent on the beach.  It was a fun and relaxing time for her.
 Maria paused by the pool chair. 
 She adjusted the chair to make it more comfortable.
 The chair still wasn't comfortable, so she fiddled with the chair for a few more minutes.
 She heard a cell phone ring so she bent over to her purse to check her cell phone.  It was a telephone call from somebody who wasn't important.  She placed her cell phone back into her purse.
 With the drama of ringing cell phones and adjusted beach furniture concluded, it was time for Maria to sit down and relax for a while.
 The Dude she never learned the name of still wanted a variation of tennis rematch.  Maria still insisted on turning down the offer.
 The Dude was disappointed, but he understood.  Perhaps a rematch some other day then.  Maria  agreed.  Much later would be perfect for her. 
 The Dude she never learned the name of and doesn't have the phone number or address to contact walked off and vanished into the crowd.  Maria sat back in the beach furniture chair to relax and get a really nice suntan.
 Maria also had a chance to read a really good book too.
 The ocean.  Maria Sharapova really wanted to swim in the ocean. 
 So she stood up to walk towards the eastern side of the beach.
 Maria Sharapova was determined to go swimming in that ocean on a scorching hot Summer day.  Nothing will stop her quest to go swimming.
 Maria paused.  She really needed to read the next chapter of her book first.
 Maria chose to go swimming in the ocean instead.
 So off Maria walked towards the Eastern side of the beach to go swimming in the ocean.
 Maria Sharapova was both happy and confident.  Today was a good day for her.  Nothing will drag down her spirits.  She felt she could accomplish anything.
Maria Sharapova reached the eastern side of the beach and she waded into the ocean.  The water soaked more and more of her body as she waded deeper and deeper into her body.  Soon only her head was above the water.  She kept swimming deeper with the bold spirit of adventure.  The undertow grabbed her feet and she tried to swim free.  Nobody tried to rescue her.  Nobody campaigned for somebody anybody to save her.  The undertow grabbed first Maria's feet, then her legs before grabbing her torso.  Maria was sucked underwater as the undertow took a few minutes to drown the lady.  Maria Sharapova is no longer alive.  Maria Sharapova is legally dead.
Katy Perry and Heidi Klum are best friends forever.  Katy Perry showed up at Heidi's mansion and took turns berating the Nanny for being clumsy, drunk acting and inept.  Why not berate the Nanny.  She's strong enough to handle it.  And together with Heidi's biologic children Henry Gunther Ademola Dashtu Samuel and Lou Sulola Samuel along with Heidi's father Günther Klum not to mention the Nanny too, it was decided to go to the beach.  And after spending a wonderful afternoon together at the beach, it was time for the two women to part company. 
Though they didn't travel far apart.  Katy Perry went snorkeling in the western section of the beach.  Katy Perry kept walking deeper into the ocean until the surface of the water was above her head.  Katy Perry went snorkeling alongside the undertow, but never directly into the undertow.  She couldn't see the undertow and always swam inches away from it. 
Katy Perry reversed course and she swam back to shore.  And Katy Perry lay down face up on the sand looking up at the bright blue sky in the western section of the beach...
...While in the eastern section of the beach, Heidi Klum went on the beach with her son  Henry Gunther Ademola Dashtu Samuel who she made with her failed marriage to her second spouse Olusegun Olumide Adeola Samuel  aka Seal.

Henry went swimming with the Nanny only to be swept up by an undertow.  Never fear, Heidi Klum is here.  She'll save her drowning son and the Nanny with her professional skills in lifeguarding.
Heidi Klum saved her son Henry from drowning in the undertow.

Now it's time for Heidi Klum to save to Nanny from drowning in the undertow as well.

Heidi Klum finally dragged the Nanny to the beach after dragging the Nanny away from the undertow with her formable physical strength.  The Nanny was thankful that she was rescued by her employer Heidi Klum. 
The Nanny was still weak while Heidi Klum went to get some help.  Heidi Klum's father Günther Klum stood by to keep watch over the still shaken by nearly drowning to death by the undertow Nanny.  The Nanny still couldn't stand after the near death drowning accident.

Henry was thankful that he was saved by his birth parent Heidi Klum from nearly drowning in the undertow.  Now he cam play in the sand again.
Heidi Klum asked her father Gunther if the Nanny was alright.  Her father Günther Klum told Heidi Klum that the Nanny will be fine.
Heidi Klum checked on her biologic daughter Lou Sulola Samuel...
...While Günther Klum helped the Nanny back to her feet.

Life returned back to normal for Heidi Klum.
Katy Perry looked after the children while Heidi Klum returned to the ocean.  She slowly walked towards where the undertow nearly drowned Henry and the Nanny.  She kept wading deeper and deeper into the ocean until only her head was above water. 
Heidi was careful not to get sucked underwater by the undertow, but she walked back towards the beach instead.  Heidi survived the undertow twice, but she wasn't sure she could survive the undertow for a third time.  Why tempt fate when the safer route was better.
Heidi Klum paused for a second.  She contemplated wading into the water close to the undertow yet again.  She felt that she needed to trace the path of the undertow to make sure that nobody would be sucked in the undertow later in the future.  She paused yet again because she wasn't sure if tracing the flow of the undertow was a good idea.  Some decisions are difficult to make.
Heidi Klum decided that she needed to trace the flow of the undertow.  So she returned to the ocean to wade deeper into the ocean water.  Heidi kept wading into the ocean until the ocean water touched the bottom of her chin.  She tripped over an underwater rock and her left arm got sucked in by the undertow.  Then the entire left side of her body was sucked in by the undertow.  Nobody tried to rescue her.  Nobody campaigned for somebody anybody to save her.  Normally, Heidi Klum would be able to swim away from the undertow, but she's too badly weakened by both rescues that the undertow was much too strong for her.  The rest of Heidi Klum's body was grabbed by the undertow and she was sucked underwater until she died of drowning.  Heidi Klum is no longer alive.  Heidi Klum is legally dead. 
Katy Perry swam into the ocean in futile efforts to save Katy, but the Nanny kept distracting her by grabbing her arms and pointing at her toe.  Katy Perry yanked her arms away and swam into the ocean until only her chin was above the water.  Too late to save Heidi, but Katy nearly got sucked by the undertow.  One inch and she would've been dead.  Instead, Katy Perry returned to the beach to find the Nanny gone with Henry Gunther Ademola Dashtu Samuel and Lou Sulola Samuel along with Heidi's father Günther Klum kidnapped.
Katy Perry kept roaming the beach for clues about the missing Nanny and the three kidnappings.  She eventually reached a beach party where she asked some people at the party if they saw anything suspicious that might help her find the missing people.
Party Celebration Guy asked Katy, "Do you normally roam the beach alone?"
Katy replied, "I came with Maria and Heidi.  Plus the Nanny, Henry Samuel,  Lou Samuel and   Günther Klum are missing."
Party Celebration Guy said, "I never saw you enter the beach with two other women.  I saw you enter the beach with the four missing people."
Katy asked, "So you saw the kidnappings."
Party Celebration Guy said, "I saw the missing people, but I never saw them vanish.  You never entered the beach with two other women."
Katy said, "Of course you did.  Both of the women are blonde."
Party Celebration Guy said, "I only saw one woman, she's brunette and I'm talking to her right now."
Katy asked, "If you saw the missing people, but you never saw them vanish, then can you tell me who saw them vanish?"
Party Celebration Guy said, "Nobody saw the missing people vanish.  Sorry, but there are no witnesses to help you out."
Katy Perry groaned with frustration as she walked away from Party Celebration Guy.
Katy walked along the party, but she kept getting the odd feeling that she entered the wrong gathering because people kept looking at her kind of strangely.
Katy Perry knew it was the wrong thing to do, but she sat down to rest for a while.
Second Party Celebration Guy said, "Do you want to go swimming into the ocean with me?"
Katy Perry replied, "Maybe we'll go swimming later."
 Katy Perry kept waving Second Party Celebration Guy off until he got the message and walked off. 
Katy Perry heard two children crying for help.  She walked away from the party and towards the source of the two children crying for help.
Katy Perry heard all the guys in the guy only party cheer as she walked away from the party and towards the source of the children crying for help---The ocean.  Katy Perry walked deeper into the ocean until only her head was above water.  She saw a water proof tape recorder and an undertow  grabbed her left leg.   Nobody tried to rescue her.  Nobody campaigned for somebody anybody to save her.  Katy tried to swim free only to trip on a rock and fell face first into the undertow.  The undertow sucked in Katy Perry head first underwater until she died from drowning.  Katy Perry is no longer alive.  Katy Perry is legally dead.  The kidnapped people continue to be kidnapped.  Those who were kidnapped were never rescued.

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