Thursday, July 24, 2014


This is the continuing love story about a woman named Love.  Everybody falls in love with Love just as Love always loves them all back in return.  Love embodies love because her name is Love.  It was worth all the pain and the turmoil it took to be in love with Love   And no other woman in the world will embody love quite the same way that Love embodies Love.  And everybody will remember how special it is to fall in love with Love.  And everybody will remember how wonderful it is to be filled with romantic passion filled with love towards the woman named Love.  Life just isn't worth living without the woman Love because only the woman Love has love in her heart.  And all the dudes know it which is why love with the woman Love is such a special thing. 
Courtney Love (Solo and lead singer of the rock band Hole) and her then spouse (Before he blew his brains out suicide by handgun style) Kurt Cobain (Lead singer of the rock band Nirvana) took a selfie in the bathroom on a warm Summer day way back in the 1990's.  Ah yes, there was a time when Courtney and Kurt were young, wild, crazy and in love with each other.

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