Monday, July 7, 2014


Men who drive their wives and children into the witness protection plan with the most horrific acts of physical and psychological abuse is the lowest forms of scum.  It's much better for a guy to respect his wife and his children.  To aspire for something other than that drives a guy to lose the right to be both married and having children.  Such punishment could only be found in divorce and losing child custody under any circumstances.  However, if a guy drives is wife and children into the witness protection program bribes his way into either a lenient or no prison time, then vigilante action isn't the way to go.  A person who seeks revenge must first dig two graves---The first grave for the object of the quest for revenge and the second for the person seeking revenge.  Because a person who forever lost faith in the legal justice system is truly lost and gone inside. 
And as I'm lost in thought and a hot Summer day on a Monday afternoon, here are some photos of Megan Boone.  Megan Boone played DDA Lauren Stanton for seven episodes maximum on failed Law and Order spinoff series Law and Order:  Los Angeles and Elizabeth Keen on the blockbuster smash hit television series the Blacklist.  According to popular urban legend, a Minimum Wage Employment Janitor in a Small Independent Chicken Wing Restaurant Suffering From Impotency inability to find a cure for his impotency affliction was the exclusive reason for Law and Order:  Los Angeles getting canceled after only one season.  Word of warning to anybody suffering from impotency, overdose on Cialis right this exact second or suffer the loss of your favorite television show and only you will be responsible for the cancelation of that television show.  You have been warned and no second warning will be provided.  Ah yes, Hollywood is such a tough place to find employment in and stay employed in. 

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