Saturday, July 5, 2014


Just because a Tragedy Victim's life is falling apart all around them doesn't mean that such a person has to look haggard and bedraggled.  There's still a need to appear stylish and cool even when the Tragedy Victim's life is going to Heck in a hand basket.  If fact, the need to appear spiffy and stylish is even more crucial when everything falling apart.  Of course, then you must wonder why is the Tragedy Victim's life always so tragic.  Why is the Tragedy Victim's life falling apart beyond repair in the first place.  Was there something the Tragedy Victim could've done to prevent everything from falling apart into oblivion.  And if so, what is preventing the Tragedy Victim from preventing doom from overwhelming his/her life.  Just saying that the Tragedy Victim's life is falling apart into irreversible doom simply because you said so isn't enough.  Detailed information is needed.  Thankfully, there isn't any cool stylish tragedy victims anywhere my residence.  Cue the dramatic music as haunting imagery fills the camera.
And as I'm lost in thought about staying in style even as your world falls apart around you, here are some photos of Lizzie Grant aka Lana Del Rey.


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