Saturday, July 5, 2014


Can you imagine a world in which music is either not allowed or heavily restricted.  Such a world is a terrible world to live in and therefore not worth living in.  And to aspire living in a world without music is to aspire to be legally dead inside.  And such a person only has my pity and condolences.  Music must be allowed for everybody to enjoy.  Everybody should be allowed the chance to approach the world with music and song.  For music is one of the most crucial elements that makes life so much worth living in.  And it fills my heart with joy that I live in a world where music is allowed to each and every one of us.  Each and everyday with music allowed to us all is a day that should be celebrated with happiness and with joy.   
And as I'm lost in thought with music in my heart and tunes in my soul, here are some photos of Brenda Song.

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