Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Today has the chance to become a better kind of day.  Or rather, I'm hoping that today will be a better kind of day.  Nobody wakes up wanting to suffer the worst day of their life.  Or rather, if somebody did wake up wanting to suffer a horrible day ON PURPOSE, THEN THERE IS SOMETHING WRONG WITH SUCH A PERSON.  And if such a person truly does exist, then I'm glad to say that I'm not among those unlucky few.  Nor do I intend to be among those unlucky few.  My desire is to have as many good days as humanly possible for as long as humanly possible.
And as I'm lost in thought several hours beyond breakfast, here are some photos of Marit Larson and Marion Ravon aka M2M.

 Marion Raven
 Marit Larsen

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