Sunday, April 27, 2014


There is nothing wrong with change and evolution.  There is nothing wrong with revamping elements of my personality that isn't working and replace it with new habits that are much more effective.  Only comic book characters are static and never changing.  Humans are always evolving into newer and much different entities on a constant and sometimes daily basis.  Sometimes the evolution is for the best.  Sometimes the evolution is for the worst.  Of course, I'm hoping that I'm evolving into a much better person.  Nobody wakes up one morning and wishes to be an ex-junkie.  It sort of happens from one bad decision after another.  However, the Gentle Reader doesn't have to go down such a dark path.  All that's needed is to let go of fear.  Fear and hate isn't natural emotions that anybody is born with.  Fear and hate are emotions that are educated after birth, but isn't a natural part of the human psychology.  Therefore, rejecting something that isn't natural should be easy and effortless.
And as I'm lost in thought while thankful that I don't smoke cigarettes nor drink much alcohol, here are some photos of Ashley Benson.

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