Tuesday, April 15, 2014


Fans of the rock band Veruca Salt has been waiting for far too long for this to happen.  Named after an evil acting elementary school child murdered by Willie Wonka in the book and two film series Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (Or sometimes Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory) both Lousie Post and Nina Gordon were huge icons of the 1990's grunge rock movement with their legendary rock band Veruca Salt.  Joined by Jim Shapiro and Steve Lack, Veruca Salt started in 1994 with their album American Thighs in 1994 and continued with an ep and another album Eight Arms to Hold You in 1997 before Nina Gordon left for a solo career.  Veruca Salt continued without Nina Gordon, but it wasn't the same without her.  Good news!  Louise Post and Nina Gordon are finally back on speaking terms once again.  Both women are ready to record songs and go on tour together once again.  It's great to see legendary rock bands return back to classic form.

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