Tuesday, April 8, 2014


Pixie Geldof was born under the name Little Pixie Geldof (She dropped her first name and is only addressed to by her middle name instead) was born in Westminster, London, England on September 17 1990 (1989-03-13).  She was the daughter of British rock star Bob Geldof and journalist Paula Yates.  Pixie Geldof was also the sister of the late Peaches Geldof, Fifi Geldof and half sister (Same mother, but different fathers) Tiger Lily Hutchence .  Pixie Geldof's mother Paula Yates committed suicide by drug overdose following a messy extra-marital fling with INXS rock band lead singer Michael Hutchence who himself committed suicide on November 22, 1997 by hanging himself to death.  Chelsea, London, England and Faversham, Kent was home to Pixie Geldof when she was growing up and it isn't known if she ever attended school at all.  Her primary source of income is fashion modeling photo shoots.  She formed a rock band called Violet, which released a single, but has yet to record a full length album (or record a second single).  Pixie continues to pose for modeling contracts at this exact moment of time. 

Pixie Geldof and her best friend Alexa Chung

 The late Peaches Geldof, her rock star father (Solo and as lead singer of the Boomtown Rats) Bob Geldof and his daughter Pixie Geldof

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