Thursday, April 24, 2014


The lawn was getting kind of shaggy. So off I went to mow the lawn. The front and back lawn for the new house I'm living in isn't nearly as massive as the front and back lawn for the house I used to live in back in Cleveland, Ohio. The mowing of the front and back lawn isn't nearly as exhausting nor as time consuming as it was for most of last year. I only needed to fill up the lawn mower gas tank only once where I needed to completely refill it at least halfway through the lawn mowing for the Cleveland, Ohio located house. And so off I went to mow the lawn. The originally shaggy lawn slowly became neat, tidy and orderly as the lawn mower glided across the lawn. Not all of the dandelion weeds were cut down by the lawn mower blades. Still, I'm pleased with the end result of the lawn mowing. A neat, tidy and orderly lawn makes life in the suburbs so much better.
And as I'm lost in thought while mowing the lawn and chopping up the dandelions in the process, here are some photos of Game of Thrones television show actress Sophie Turner.

 Game of Thrones actresses Sophie Turner and  Maisie Williams (The last remaining survivors of the Stark Family Red Wedding fiasco (They alone made it out of the door while everybody else in the Stark Family were getting shredded on a not so happy wedding day ceremony (The entire Stark Family were supposed to be the central focus crime fighting center of the Games of Thrones television series, but that didn't stop them from being almost nearly wiped out completely during the infamous Red Wedding debacle (The Bride and the Father of the Bride turned out to be a homicidal maniacs who are incapable of following through with a promises of cooperation (How's that for a medieval Europe Dynasty-style season ending cliffhanger ending))))).

 Maisie Williams and Sophie Turner

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