Monday, April 21, 2014


It's nearly the middle of the night Gentle Reader.  Just a few minutes more and the clock will strike twelve.  I can see the seconds ticking away.  Time moves fast to those who isn't paying attention.  Time moves much too slow for those who watch the clock carefully.  Time is funny that way.  And when the clock strikes twelve, it will be tomorrow in the quiet night covered streets of Columbus, Ohio.  It's quiet out here in the suburbs.  Not much traffic.  Not much pedestrians.  Not much anything.  There were life out here in the suburbs when it was daylight.  However, that was hours ago and hours ago seems so far away right now.  And soon it will be tomorrow.  But right now, I'm watching the clock.  And soon, I too will be asleep.
And as I'm lost in thought when it's nearly the middle of the night, here are some photos of Hilary Duff.

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