Wednesday, April 9, 2014


This isn't a set design in some motion picture studio in California.  Nor is this CGI.  Rather the robotic Curiosity Rover continues it's trek across the planet Mars to investigate it's surface on behalf of NASA.  We can't get there because NASA is dependent on corporations to build rockets that will transport humans and corporations can't even build a rocket that could take human beings to the International Space Station because such a task is much too hard (Despite NASA once building and owning four space shuttles without much effort).  Anyway, if the human race manages to get to NASA without Mars metaphorically turning red (as well as being literally colored red) because a Russian rocket was needed to actually reach Mars, this is what the first human being on the planet Mars is going to see upon stepping out of the rocket ship.  This isn't science fiction anymore.  This is science fact.
I'm guessing the robotic Curiosity Rover is still occupying (and the only resident of) Gale Crater nearby Aeolis Mons aka Mount Sharp on the planet Mars.

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