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Chrisoula Workman and her daughter Ariel Winter Workman used to be close.  However, the first sign of mother and daughter discord started to appear when Ariel Winter Workman dropped her last name and became only known as Ariel Winter.  And then making allegations of abuse, successfully got Chrisoula Workman to lose custody of the fourteen year old girl.  Chrisoula Workman said in legal court papers that she was only trying to punish Ariel Winter when she was having sex with an eighteen year old member of the opposite gender.  Ariel disputed such a claim. 
 And despite strong claims that all she did was punish her daughter Ariel Winter for having sex with an eighteen year old member of the opposite gender (Considering that she's fourteen years old and he's eighteen years old, it qualifies as statutory rape), Chrisoula Workman lost the legal custody battle anyway.  So now she has no parent control over her fourteen year old daughter Ariel Winter.
 Chrisoula Workman has no kind words to say about her estranged daughters Ariel Winter (Workman) nor does she have kind words to say about her estranged daughter Shanelle Gray (Maiden name Workman).  She's beyond angry about the child custody issue and the accusations made against her that was made public.
 The child custody battle started to resemble the television show What I like About You when Shanelle Gray (Maiden name Shanelle Workman) gained legal custody of her younger sister Ariel Winter (Workman).  Chrisoula Workman was outraged.  She accused her estranged daughter Shanelle of only wanting legal custody of her fourteen year old sister Ariel only for financial reasons.  You see, Ariel Winter is a wealthy actress playing Alex Dunphy on the television series Modern Family for five seasons and counting.
 Shanelle Gray knows something about show business.  You see, Shanelle Gray is a professional actress herself.  Her biggest claim to fame was working on the now cancelled daytime soap opera entitled One Life to Live from February 2003 to January 2004 where she played a character named Sarah "Flash" Roberts.  The daytime soap opera One Life to Live premiered in 1968 and it was canceled in 2013.
Shanelle Gray also played the role of Gabriella 'Gaby' Moreno / Gabriella 'Gaby' Moreno Forrester / Gabriela 'Gaby' Moreno Forrester on the daytime soap opera the Bold and the Beautiful starting in 2005 and ending in 2005 (Her role only lasted fifty-six episodes).  So Shanelle Gray was able to provide her plentiful daytime soap opera experience to Ariel Winter as she continues to play the role of Alex Dunphy on the sitcom series Modern Family.
 Shanelle Gray wasn't worried.  She won legal custody of her younger sister Ariel Winter and became her parent.  Ariel isn't worried.  Even if she did have sex with an eighteen year old member of the opposite gender while only fourteen years old, she got away with it.
 However, Ariel Winter insists that she's a virgin.  Shanelle Gray insists her fourteen year old sister is a virgin.  And the accusations of abuse that both Ariel Winter and Shanelle Gray made against their parent Chrisoula Workman continues.
 And yes, Ariel Winter makes more money per episode of Modern Family than most people would make in a single year.  In some cases, she makes four times more money than most people would make in a single year.  Shanelle Gray insists that she's teaching her fourteen year old sister Ariel Winter how to invest her money in a saving account like all parents normally would be doing.
Ariel Winter continues to claim that her sister Shanelle Gray is a better parent.
 Shanelle continues to claim that she's a better parent and Ariel Winter is thriving under the parental custody of her fourteen year old daughter.  After all, show business is a legitimate form of income.  Shanelle Gray knows that better than anybody because she's an established daytime soap opera actress (Which makes Ariel Winter a Hollywood legacy of sorts).
 Shanelle Gray continues to insist that Modern Family is a great television show for Ariel Winter to find employment in.
 And off Ariel Winter goes to work on the set of Modern Family.  She doesn't attend school.  She's tutored and plans to get her GED.  After all, school will only slow down her dreams of television and movie industry.  And she hates the thought of such a thing.
 And it's a good thing that Shanelle Workman supports fourteen year old Ariel Winter's plan to drop out of school and be totored instead so she can pursue her dreams of television and film industry stardom.  After all, each episode results in a payment that's four times as much as a normal person would in a year.  That alone makes the shift in parental supervising worth while.
A bit of sister bonding time between Ariel Winter and Shanelle Gray.
 And now Ariel Winter is off to...
 ...The Beauty Salon...
 ...To get her hair and nails done by professional experts.  After all, Ariel Winter is wealthy enough to afford The Beauty Salon type of treatment to make her look very pretty.
 Ariel Winter's fingernails look just like candy canes.
 And when Ariel Winter is done getting her hair and fingernails done at The Beauty Salon...
 ...Shanelle Gray picks up her sister/daughter at The Beauty Salon for...
 ...A little bit more...
 ...Shopping at the...
 ...Shopping Mall because...
...Ariel Winter has gone for all of twenty-four hours without purchasing the latest in women's fashion and other really cool stuff.
And so the Gray Family embarked on a family gathering at an outdoor carnival party.  Shanelle Gray, her spouse David Barry Gray, her biologic children Skylar Gray and Parker Eleni Gray and Ariel Winter---Shanelle's fourteen year old sister who she has legal custody over.  The sun was shining, the birds were singing and the Gray family were having the time of their lives.

 Shanelle Gray remembered when she was just starting out as an actress all the way back in 1991 and her most recent acting role was in 2013.  That's in stark contrast to Ariel Winter who's acting career only just started nine years ago in 2005. 
 Ariel thought about making a telephone call as she played with her hair as she looked out at the carnival spread out before her.  Ariel Winter's planned telephone call was interrupted by one of her niece/sisters wanting to slide down the slide with her.  After all, it was the carnival and the biggest reason to show up at a carnival was to have fun and enjoy yourself.

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