Thursday, April 17, 2014


Tina Barrett is half Caucasian from her father's side of her family and the other half comes from the South American country of Co-operative Republic of Guyana (43.5% East Indian brought over by the British as part of indentured servants, 30.2% African brought over by slave trading, 16.7% mixed,  9.1% native Lucayan People (Originating from the Taíno people) and 0.5% other) on her mother's side of the family.  Tina Barrett was born in Hammersmith, London, England on September 16, 1976.  After eight years of education at London Arts Educational School, Tina Barrett's job singing as part of a rock group trio Face 2 Face (Later Mis-Teeq) was interrupted when she auditioned for and got a part in the television show and rock band S Club 7.  S Club 7 lasted from 1998 until 2003.  Tina Barrett took a break from the entertainment industry from 2004 until 2011.  Tina Barrett is currently recording her debut album and releasing singles from her yet to released album.  She's expecting her debut album to be released sometime in 2014. 


Jon Lee, Tina Barrett and Bradley McIntosh
Tina Barrett, Hannah Spearritt, Jo O'Meara, Rachel Stevens and Paul Cattermole
(From top to bottom) Jo O'Meara, Hanah Spearritt, Tina Barrett and Rachel Stevens
 Rachel Stevens, Jo O'Meara, Tina Barrett and Hannah Spearritt

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