Friday, May 29, 2015


It was never clear what the connection between Peggy Carter and Sharon Carter.  Steve Rogers aka Captain America played by Chris Evans was romantically involved with both women.  Hayley Atwell was there first.  The Englishwoman performed as Peggy Carter with her British accent intact.  Peggy Carter was the girlfriend role in Captain America:  The First Avenger and she was left behind when Captain America was frozen in a block of ice in 1943.  Captain America was released from his block of ice seventy years later in the year 2013.  Peggy Carter has her own television series entitled Agent Carter starring Hayley Atwell.  As far as I know, Agent Carter has been renewed for a second season.
Emily VanCamp plays Sharon Carter who was Captain America's girlfriend in the current Captain America comic books, but had no romantic relations with the super-hero in Captain America:  Winter Soldier.  Perhaps Emily VanCamp as Sharon Carter aka Agent 13 will have better luck in Captain America:  Civil War.  I'm not sure if Emily VanCamp is in costume filming a scene or if she's off the time clock enjoying private time.  Whatever the case may be, Emily VanCamp is enjoying the little black dress that she's currently wearing with style.

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