Saturday, May 16, 2015


There's a sense of joy in figuring out a jigsaw puzzle.  To see a pile of seemingly unrelated pieces and somehow all these seemingly unrelated pieces snap together to create a picture.  Some jigsaw puzzles only takes a day to figure out.  Other jigsaw puzzles takes a few months to figure out.  And when a jigsaw puzzle is completed, there is a positive sense of accomplishment.  I've done a few crossword puzzles.  The use of cryptic clues to scribble a word with the correct number of words into the right blank spaces.  Some cryptic crossword puzzle clues are easy to figure out.  Other cryptic crossword puzzle clues continue to baffle me.  Still, all the same, it's lots of fun to figure out a puzzle.
And as I'm lost in thought while listening to music on, here are some photos of Martha Hunt.

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