Monday, May 11, 2015


Though it's tempting to find hidden messages within movies and television show episodes, it's better to keep in mind the true purpose for the movie or television show episode.  The true purpose for the movie or television show episode is to entertain.  And if you found the actors or actresses appealing, then so much the better.  And if you find the story interesting, then even better.  However, it's a mistake to assume that a movie or television show episode is there for anything else except for the purpose of entertainment.  Because that's why the general reader watches a film or a television show episode in the first place---To get his or her mind off their problems for a while by watching an entertaining story presented by an entertainer.  And as the curtain rises and as the actors along with the actresses take to the stage, we sit in the audience to witness the start of the show.
And as I'm lost in thought on the scorching hot days of Spring, here are some photo of Emma Stone.

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