Thursday, May 28, 2015


Elizabeth Olsen and Scarlett Johansson are starring in a new super-hero comic book movie entitled Captain America:  Civil War.  It's Iron Man vs. Captain America which explores corruption at Stark Industries the same way Captain America:  Winter Soldier explored corruption at S.H.I.E.L.D..  The new Captain America film is almost practically an Avengers (Nothing to do with the James Bond style BBC television series) super-hero comic book film.  Not only is Chris Evans once again playing the role of Steve Rogers aka Captain America, but Robert Downey Jr. plays Tony Stark aka Iron Man along with Jeremy Renner as Clint Barton aka Hawkeye.  Of course, this being an adaptation of a comic book mini-series, people will wonder where is Peter Parker aka Spiderman, Norman Osborne aka Green Goblin Sr. and Dwayne Taylor aka Night Thrasher, Robert "Robbie" Baldwin aka Speedball along with the rest of the New Warriors super-hero team.  Well, I'm guessing that Chadwick Boseman performing as Prince T'Challa aka Black Panther is supposed to play the role that Night Thrasher and the rest of the New Warriors were supposed to play.  Meaning, the role the New Warriors super-hero team was supposed to play is taken over by the fictional African nation of Wakanda.  Another change from the comic book mini-series:  The role that Peter Parker aka Spiderman was supposed to play has been taken over by Paul Rudd as Scott Lang aka Ant Man.   In the comic book mini series, the New Warriors attempt to catch a band of criminals while performing as reality television super-heroes lead to an involuntary massacre of Elementary School Children.  Iron Man over reacts by forcing the Super-Hero Registration Act (Which is something that Captain America is bitterly opposed to).  However, without Night Thrasher, Speedball and the rest of the New Warriors, it's hard to see how this movie is going to start.  Also without Spider Man's blind support of Iron Man in the comic books not in the film, the film again will take a different tone.  Plus, the film ends up becoming different from the comic book with the removal of Norman Osborne and the Thunderbolts super-villain team replacing Nick Fury and the Avengers as the super-hero branch of S.H.I.E.L.D..   It will be interesting to see how the film turns out.    
As for the women---The best part of the story---are played by Elizabeth Olsen as Wanda Maximoff aka the Scarlett Witch (Daughter of Erik Lehnsherr aka Magneto) and Scarlett Johansson as Natasha Romanoff aka the Black Widow.

Elizabeth Olsen as Wanda Maximoff (Who is both employed by the Brotherhood of Evil (A girl belongs to the Brotherhood of Evil.  Don't ask.) and the Avengers (Which presents a huge conflict of interest because she's both supporting and opposing the United States of America)).  It appears as if Atlanta, Georgia has been transformed into the fictional African nation of Wakanda (Because actually filming in Africa itself would be much too expensive).



Scarlett Johansson as Natasha Romanoff aka the Black Widow.  Scarlett Johansson was pregnant while filming the Avengers:  Age of Ultron which required green screen on her baby bump and stunt motorcycle riding.  Scarlett Johansson isn't pregnant this time which means she can do a great deal more physical action and actually ride her own motorcycle once again.



 Chris Evans as Steve Rogers aka Captain America

 Anthony Mackie as Captain America's sidekick #2---Sam Wilson aka the Falcon
 I'm guessing this is Frank Grillo as Brock Rumlow aka Crossbones.  Be afraid.  Be very afraid.  In the comic book mini series version of Civil War, Brock Rumlow murders Steve Rogers aka Captain America while claiming to have been ordered to do so by Tony Stark aka Iron Man at the end of the mini-series.  Russia Communist employed Bucky Barnes aka the Winter Soldier takes over as the new spirit of the United States of America aka Captain America.  The same could happen in the film version of Captain America:  Civil War too.  Keep in mind that Chris Evans has yet to renew his contract which means he could end up dead in this film.
Scenes from the comic book mini series Civil War---The basis for the currently being filmed colorful action costume super-suit wearing super-hero film Captain America:  Civil War.



This comic book panel has nothing to do with the Civil Wars comic book mini series.  It simply illustrates what happens when Natasha Romanoff aka the Black Widow engages in behavior that Tony Stark aka Iron Man finds displeasing.  Keep in mind that she started out as a Russian spy.

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