Thursday, May 21, 2015


There is nothing wrong with watching a film on digital video disk.  Pop some popcorn.  Crack open some cans of soda pop.  Just place a digital video disk inside the digital video disk player.  Sit down on the couch and watch the opening credits role.  There is nothing wrong with watching a digital video disk when going out on a date with a girlfriend.  I don't have one right now, but it's still nice to watch a make out film if a girlfriend ever becomes available.  The Texas Chainsaw Massacre isn't a good example of a proper make out films.  Notting Hill, Rushmore or Forces of Nature are good example of a make out film.  Don't get me wrong Gentle Reader, it's ok to watch the Texas Chainsaw Massacre while making out with your girlfriend if she's into that sort of thing.  It's always better to ask her first ahead of time. 
And as I'm lost in thought in front of the digital video disk player (Which is embedded in this laptop computer), here are some photos of Cara Delevingne.


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