Wednesday, December 28, 2016


Three more days to go (Not including today) until the arrival of New Years Day 2017.  The slow march to the New Years Day festivities is getting closer.  Whatever can only be done on the year 2016 better hurry up because there are only three days left.  Soon there will be celebrations as the year 2016 draws to a close.  The year 2016 is about to go from current events to a dust covered relic of the past.  So let's reflect on the past as we anticipate the future.  And propose to correct any problems that plagued us in 2016 so that such deficiencies won't bother us in the year 2017.  And propose to keep whatever worked properly in the year 2016 so such advantages will assist us all in the year 2017.  Let's propose to make the year 2017 the best year ever.
And as I'm lost in thought while it's freezing cold outside, here are some photos of part British, part Austrian Jew and part Middle Eastern-Indian actress Gabrielle Anwar.


 Catherine Oxenberg and Gabrielle Anwar

 Catherine Oxenberg
 Sharon Gless, Coby Bell and Gabrielle Anwar
 Gabrielle Anwar

 Gabrielle Anwar, Naeem Khan and Perrey Reeves

 Gabrielle Anwar and Perrey Reeves
 Perrey Reeves

Gabrielle Anwar and Shareef Malnik
Shareef Malnik and Gabrielle Anwar

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