Thursday, December 29, 2016


There once was a time when there were no Christmas trees nor any Christmas tree ornaments in both the United Kingdom and in the United States of America. Queen Victoria's spouse Prince Albert brought the German tradition of the Christmas tree and Christmas tree ornaments from his native homeland of Germany. The German tradition of the Christmas tree and the Christmas tree ornaments was itself an adaptation of the Ancient Pagan holiday of the Yule Sabbat. Anyway, there was a British Royal Family photograph of Queen Victoria, Prince Albert and the rest of the Royal Court at the time gathered around the Christmas tree. That photograph was then circulated all across the United States of America. Thus was born the literally overnight popularity of Christmas trees and Christmas tree ornaments. So we can thank former British Queen Victoria for introducing the Christmas tree to us Americans and also to the British as well. Not to the Germans because they were doing Christmas trees since the dawn of the Human Race.
There's two more days (Not including today) until New Years Day 2017. I already took down the Christmas tree. There's a method to doing so. First take off the Christmas tree ornaments. It's best to sort the Christmas tree ornaments by style, color and level of fragileness. Second, take off the Christmas tree lights, fake popcorn strings and fake cranberry strings. Second, take down the fake Christmas tree and store everything in the basement (Or the attic or wherever the seasonal Christmas supplies are stored). Third, vacuum the fake pine tree needles which as fallen to the floor. There you go, the Christmas tree is down and you're ready to start preparing for New Years Day which is two days from now (Not including today). Happy New Year y'all.
The famous Queen Victoria and Prince Albert British Royal Family photo that got everybody in both the United Kingdom and the United States of America interested in Christmas trees for the literal first time ever.

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