Wednesday, December 21, 2016


Lida Husik was born in Washington D.C. on 1963.  A child prodigy at age three, she learned and then played violin at the Lafayette Elementary School Band.  Upon learning to play the drums to supplement her violin playing skills, the punk rock band the Mourning Glories recruited her.  The time she spent as the drummer for the Mourning Glories was brief.  Unemployed, Lida set into motion a solo career after meeting certain people needed to get things started.  Her debut album was released in 1991 and two more albums in 1992.  The 1990's was a good time for Lida and she released an album a year every year except for 1993.  She didn't do so well after the 1990's and she vanished from the music scene except for 2006 when she released a digital single and 2016 when she released an EP.  Lida Husik continues to record music and tour to support her music at this exact moment of time.

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