Tuesday, December 6, 2016


It's raining outside. It might rain all day. It's the sort of cold wet rain that makes you glad that your indoors instead of being outdoors. Still, it's either this or suffer a drought and I'm not in the mood for having wildfires sweep across the countryside. So for the sake of avoiding wildfires in the city of Columbus, Ohio, it's far better that it rains today. And hopefully it will rain for the entire day for maximum effect in avoiding wildfires. Anyway, there's not really much going on except looking out of the window to see the rain fall. It's rather a calm and relaxing day. Perhaps I'll watch a movie on my portable DVD player when I finish typing out this Internet blog. It's so wonderful to have a portable DVD player---Especially with the limited space in my living quarters. Modern technology can be lots of fun.
And as I'm lost in thought while watching the rain fall while looking out of the window, here are some photos of Emily Meade.


 Jeff Mausbach and Emily Meade

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