Tuesday, December 6, 2016


Samantha Marie Sprackling aka Saffron was born in Lagos, Nigeria on June 3, 1968.  Not much is known about Saffron except she ended up immigrating from Lagos, Nigeria to London, England where she found employment as an actress in productions such as a two year stint on the stage play musical the Starlight Express.  Chesney Hawkes music video for his song The One and the Only and N-Joi music video for his song Mindflux used Saffron as a background actress.    Three singles was recorded, but she didn't find employment with the singles.  She ended up as the lead singer of the rock band Republica in 1994 and released an album in 1996.  Their second album was released in 1998 and was only available for sale in Europe.  When Republica broke up in 2001, Saffron found employment  as a session player for the Cure, Prodigy, N-Joi, Jeff Beck, Junkie XL and Deepsky.  Republica got back together in 2008 and released an EP on 2014.  Saffron continues to record music and go on tour to support her music at this exact moment of time.

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